The music never stops this month and the dance of the conjunctions, semisextile and half-squares continues apace as we travel the last week before the FULL MOON. In so many ways it could and should be a great time to be setting off on a new life course, engaging in exciting possibilities and having runs of luck, yet there are the trials and tribulations of those narrow “minor” aspects and the MERCURY Rx that make it an uphill journey for us all. The high number of conjunctions we are passing through indicate we are dealing with a lot of blending of archetypal ingredients in our lives which can be very creative or very challenging depending on your circumstances and aptitudes.

Last week we had MARS conjunct SATURN, SUN conjunct MERCURY Rx and the NEW MOON ECLIPSE which was conjunct CHIRON all of which I described in my last forecast. Not to leave out the immanent and epic JUPITER-URANUS conjunction that has flavored this whole period.

This week starts off with a conjunction of MERCURY Rx passing over CHIRON for the second time, once again reminding us to pay attention to our wounds and their healing, whether physical or psychological. We get one more pass with that in early May as MERCURY goes forward, but the energy is active all the way through this month. So use this as an opportunity to heal and be a healer rather than merely experiencing a disturbing flair up of a dis-ease in our lives. MARS is semisextile (half sextile: 30 degrees) to CHIRON -MERCURY Rx for a couple of days so that could add a little willful fire to the project.

VENUS conjuncts the NORTH NODE exactly on the 17th bringing an emphasis on things our soul-calling values and on making our relationships as inspirational as possible. SATURN is semisextile to that as well, lending this a mature and methodical air, if not impatient and stubborn, lol. Might be another opportunity to correct and refine our intimate relationships or our way of making money though to tell the truth, we’ve been doing a lot of that lately in any case. That day also has the SUN semisextile to NEPTUNE, this indicates we may have a subtly dreamy or spacy day or some imaginal creativity flowing through.

Essentially, the NORTH NODE, VENUS, MERCURY Rx, and CHIRON are all conjunct until after the FULL MOON so that’s a lot of energies to blend. Mixing all this can be con-fusing or it can be filled with exciting possibilities. The fact that URANUS and JUPITER are moving together all this month means exciting changes are inevitable. They hit exact on the 20th while lit up by a activating sextile to MARS. Whether you see that as exciting good or exciting bad is really a matter of circumstance and perspective. Some things may be ending or breaking down precipitously this month, but ultimately that is a necessary step for re-creation.

JUPITER is known as the planet of luck and good fortune and that is because it carries a lucky attitude: optimism and confidence. In other words, we make our own luck by going for it with panache. URANUS augers sudden change, innovations and shake-ups so it’s not going to just let things be at all. The ECLIPSE last week just blew open the portals for big transformations and it is up to each of us to take advantage of these energies to move forward rapidly towards the life we are meant to be living. This is bound to be highly demanding of our energy and attention and so may be somewhat disorienting, but with the luck of JUPITER on our side we will probably land on our feet running if we try. If you think about it you may have noticed that you have been unusually fortunate this month in little and big ways. Despite all the seeming glitches things keep turning out pretty much OK (though admittedly you may be somewhat stretching the budget patching the all the holes in your plans that keep coming up. I would suggest also making moves to earn some extra dough at your main gig or side hustles if you can an finding way to keep yourself healthy and vital. Your dream life will need your full presence and some practical financial flow to manifest, (VENUS conjunct NORTH NODE, Yay!).

The SUN will have just moved into Taurus as the JUPITER-URANUS conjunction perfects, taking the energy in to a lower gear after all the Aries fire. Taurus is more concerned with beauty and harmony and earthy, homey things. It is also a more methodical and dogged sign, so maybe some of those precipitous changes will settle down into something more grounded than it looked like at first. SATURN is still semisquare to the NORTH NODE and MERCURY Rx so there is a pragmatic energy here that is subtle but present helping us find ways to make the rapid positive changes more stabilized for a few days. MERCURY Rx is slowing down for its return to apparent forward motion on the 24th while its within spitting distance of the NORTH NODE, but never exact, giving us plenty of time to contemplate our life direction and conceive of adjustments while MERCURY moves through its shadow until the middle of May.

The 21st has VENUS crossing CHIRON and the SUN square to PLUTO. This gives us an opportunity to dig deep into our healing process and actually make some progress. Its not just one day thank goodness, but the 21st could be a crux moment on that journey.
The MOON has been opposing each of the closely clustered planets and points in Pisces and Aries since around the 19th, illuminating and triggering each of them and their associated aspects, making this week an emotional and intuitive rollercoaster day to day.  On the 22nd she crosses the SOUTH NODE (and opposes the NORTH NODE) for a moment of contemplating and feeling into the trajectory of our lives. This, of course, happens twice every month if you include her conjunction with the NORTH NODE in 2 weeks, so it might become a ritual cycle of giving focused attention to that vital dimension of our lives at those times. Where are we going and why are we going there? Is it really what we know to be our calling or dharma?

We have the FULL MOON on April 23rd with a closely aspected T-square with PLUTO and the SUN. This may dredge up some deep feelings that need to be cleared or expressed. Passion, anger, joy, sadness: whatever we have been holding back or suppressing. Make sure you’ve been getting plenty of rest and self-care all along this week. You will need the bandwidth that provides to make the best of all this activation, appearing inside you and as outside influences; as within, so without. April is kicking the over the can of our lives for our own good. What I’m saying is we a have an opportunity here to use these days as a turning point in our lives or we can try to cling on to what was and shouldn’t be. Choose your own adventure.

This is just the beginning of a very URAN-ian era. Lots of change is coming our way for the next number of years, so the outcome of this month will likely not be completely crystalized for some time to come. How that will be experienced by you will be mostly determined by your own personal charts and transits and, crucially, whatever wisdom you can bring to the table.